For the Love of Horror, a spine chilling new experience from Monopoly Events

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Firstly I want to mention that the advertisement for the event was done really well and I had noticed adverts on Instagram and Facebook and they really caught my attention. Each time a new guest was announced I wanted to attend more and more. My birthday is coming up at the end of November and my girlfriend knows I love horror movies and I often tell her about different actors I admire since I was younger so she actually surprised me with a weekend away involving attractions from Monopoly Events-I had no idea what I was in for. The first surprise was a special screening of the latest Halloween movie franchise at the local cinema in Manchester- a very low key location. This wasn't just an ordinary screening though, Tyler Mane (M Myers from the Rob Zombie flick) was hosting the evening and was sat just a few seats ahead. The event started on time and although there were no spooks as described on the Facebook page, at least I can say I got to do something that a lot of my friends haven’t.

Saturday- Day one of the event: The location was very secluded and quite far away from the city of Manchester- to be honest we thought we were going to the wrong place when we were driving! Ample parking available and we were welcomed by a ghost train and various fun fair attractions outside the venue. Once we got inside we were welcomed by zombie cos players who wanted to see the fresh meat walking through the door. Once we stepped foot inside we were amazed by the size of the venue and the layout. On the right we had an array of merchandise stalls ranging from bobble heads and comics to signed samurai swords and nunchuks to purchase. A stall that particularly took my fancy was a Blackpool collectable stall with a very bubbly host who had all sorts of comics and collectables for purchase. On the left, there was a lovely petting zoo with various animals courtesy of Pandora's Box Zoo days. They were very informative, approachable and friendly and we stopped by for a picture or two with their reptiles. The bar was large enough so there were no queues and they featured both alcoholic and soft drinks at reasonable prices.. At the far end there were signing booths where some of the guests were already sat whilst people were queuing eagerly to meet their idols. It was quite surreal seeing the faces from my childhood sat a mere few meters ahead of me. I even had the pleasure of having a deep chat with Alex Vincent between signings and payed £5 for a selfie with Richard Blake -AMAZING! 

At the far left hand side, there sat the main stage, decorated as though it was a scene from The Evil Dead- really set the scene well! We were giving a timing sheet upon entry for photographs and guest talks on the main stage so it was easy to plan around this. Plenty of seats meant we didn't have to stand and every now and again a zombie popped by to say 'hi'- at least I'm assuming that's what GRRRRAAA meant... As we were sat waiting for the next guest to appear, we saw the man of the moment himself, Danny Trejo walking in with his trackies on and a smile on his face- you could tell he was happy to be there meeting his fans. As my girlfriend booked it I don't want to enquire about the cost however she said it was worth the money to see me smile so much. If you were unsure about what photo you wanted to buy prior to the event there was the option to buy on the day and the ability to get memorabilia signed ranging from Machetes to Chucky dolls.

Once the clock struck 3pm, a queue started forming near the entrance door for the scare attractions to open. Although the staff on the door tried to send groups through at a time, everyone ended up joining as one in the middle of the attraction and this meant we couldn't see what everyone was screaming at and we missed the jump scares throughout. If anything, I feel this could be the only area to improve on and the attractions could have been spaced out a little more as could the groups of guests being sent in. For this reason I struggled to find which scene was from which movie and he only one that stood out for me was the Dusk til Dawn at the beginning as it really set the scene from the movie. The overall use of prosthetics, blood and lighting was used to the best of Monopoly Events advantage in the spacious hall that was provided by the venue and I can imagine this will only improve year upon year!

All in all a 10/10 experience for those looking to fill the horror nostalgia spot that has been missing for so long! Will be attending again for this event or For the Love of Sci Fi later this year! - Brett Lewis

Just want to personally thank you for a wonderful experience at your event today, very professional and friendly staff, the lady interviewing Danny Trejo was excellent as were all the guests, and a special mention to Barbara Nedeljáková who was so lovely, thank you all and see you in December for the sci fi one David Walsh 

Horror Con was cancelled. So glad I made the decision to go. Monopoly events have organised an amazing event. I got to meet the lovely Tyler Mane, Richard Brake and Danny Trejo. I enjoyed looking at the stalls and got to see Navi, Ola Ray and zombies perform Michael Jackson's Thriller. Major highlight was Danny Trejo calling Robert Rodriguez about making Machete in Space. Well worth going to and looking forward to future events. - Claire Tonge

For the love of horror ,yesterday was amazing ,hopefully we will be going back next year can’t wait ,good atmosphere, fantastic cosplays, famous actors who played well known horror characters and amazing stalls,the scare experience was spectacular too - Chessie Gregory

Had an absolutely amazing time yesterday! My first ever convention and it did not disappoint! Can't wait for next year. Thank you to all the event staff and effort made by everyone involved! We loved it - Stacey Louise

Words can't describe how amazing it was between the the people there and the stars a amazing day I'm booking next year with no questions asked well done amazing planning and everyone looked liked they enjoyed there self well done again - Craig Horner

An eventful day for very different reasons. My son had a major meltdown with the zombies so much so that we didnt go in, the zombies were amazing not only did they look real but they also came and comforted my son when he was upset, thankyou
Anthony one of the organisers saw how upset my son was and took us to the side entrance where we met, had photos and autographs with Tyler Mane and Danny Trejo (complete gents) thankyou so much for doing this you made my boys day!!!! We will be back in December for the love of sci fi -  Nichola Wood

Absolutely amazing my first time I’ve ever been too one of these. Great guests so friendly lovely atmosphere and lots to do and loved meeting and having a photo with Ilona six and Tyler Mane. Hope you do it again next year  - Cara Lennon 

Was an absolutely awesome weekend. We enjoyed ourselves from start too finish. Looking forward too the love of Sci-fi in dec. hope too see another love of horror in the future xx - Paul Whisstock

LOVED IT thanks so much ftloh! Had a really brilliant time & will defo be coming again next year! See you again for FTLOSF in December! - Sammi Smith

It was a brilliant day, we came on Saturday, first time we have been to anything like this, can't wait for the love of sci fi and FTLOH next year - Jill Marie Liversidge

Well done for putting this event on & I’m pleased your doing another next year hopefully this event will grow over the years?. I was there on the Saturday & really enjoyed it, would like to give a shout out to the Z Walkers thought they were amazing! - Martin Jackson 

We had an AWESOME time with busy workshops, meeting so many wonderful people! Thank you so much for having us and a HUGE a thank you to all the guests who came and took part and got involved- we haven’t laughed and smiled so much in a while....
Cosplayers you were all incredible - especially my gorgeous horror icons and villains.
Special thank you’s to taker Uk, Arkham Arts, Jayne Snipe, Ian Wardrobe, Pandora’s box, American werewolf in London boys, evil eye art,Z walkers, Ronnie Crowther, Ruby True, Peaches and Scream, Cecil Grimes, Custom Cupcake Company and all in the scare attraction... you where all awesome and was great to catch up with you all! - Laura Goff and Lesley Jarvis (Twilight Ghost Hunts) 

Me and my family came today have to say outstanding, the scare maze was brilliant, the whole event, the actress being drilled in the maze was absolutely fantastic, she should be movies she was just bloody amazing we heard a lot of feedback about her and her killer from other people who went through too she definitely was the Main event today for us, god that girl can scream its just so real. We had to go back through and they nailed it. Thank you.         -Mr and Mrs Bellsey