For the Love of Horror, a spine chilling new experience from Monopoly Events. Watch this space for updates

Scare Attractions

The Nightmare Zone

Dare you enter The Nightmare Zone? Test your nerve at our fun but scary immersive attraction only to be found at For The Love of Horror! Find yourselves deep within the unsettling realms of your favorite scary films and face-to-face with some terrifying characters!

Zombie Outbreak

If you're lucky enough to survive the nightmare zone why not shoot your way through flesh hungry hordes of the undead in our special live action Zombie Outbreak shoot em up attraction too! You can shoot zombies with real airsoft guns!

Please note that these attractions are only for the brave. Minimum age limit of 11 years old, 11 - 16 year olds must be accompanied by a participating adult. Areas may contain scenes of simulated gore and peril, strobe lighting, areas of darkness, mist and fog effects, uneven surfaces, tactile's, crawl and confined spaces (in areas), sound and smell special effects. Certain areas (crawlspace etc) are not suitable for wheelchair users, however routes are available to accommodate this.